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Residence: 1125 Taylor Road


General Magic/Danmaku

Bamboo Broom w/Flight Magic

Defensive Magic/Shielding & Warding

Potion Lab


Master Spark

System Cards 1-5

Koumajou Densetsu clothing

System Cards 6-10

System Cards 11-15


Blazing Star

Stolen/Temporary/Plot Regains:

Healing Magic [gone - returned]
Marisa's Hat [gone - returned]
Witch Attire with Hat [gone - traded at post office]

Permissions: Marisa is a thief and will steal physical objects and (once her magic is back) she can learn other people's spells/magic. Please comment here regarding this using the handy-dandy text box below.

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[Ring... Ring... Ring... Ring...]

You've reached Marisa Kirisame, Ordinary Witch. Leave a message after the beep. BEEP

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If you need to contact me for plotting purposes, either PM this account of leave me a message here!

13th ☆

Dec. 1st, 2011 05:28 pm
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Hey... Has anyone ever NOT opened up a letter they got in the mail? You know the kind I mean...

And, hey, Yuna. Guy. Someone around my age. Take me out to the roller rink? I wanna be a stupid teenager for a while.

[Action - 1125 Taylor]

[Marisa is sitting on her front stoop. She has a bottle of Coke open next to her and she's twirling an envelope between her fingers. There's a school textbook open in her lap, but she's not exactly paying attention to it as she stares off into space. Be neighborly! Step on up and say hi!]

12th ☆

Nov. 26th, 2011 08:51 pm
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[A. Action 1125/1127 Taylor (Saturday Morning)]

[Marisa was heavy sleeper, but even she wasn't going to sleep through this. Bolting awake, knocking the rubble off of herself, Marisa stared wide-eyed at the devastation around her. She had only two thoughts right then: What they hell was going on and that she needed to get to Patchouli as fast as she could. So, she tried to call for her broom.

...nothing happened. Her brow furrowed and that's when she noticed it. Her magic was gone again. ALL OF IT. Her eyes widened even more. If her magic was gone, then so was Patchouli's. This was bad... very, very, bad. Patchouli was very sickly without her magic. With how hard breathing was for Marisa right then with the dust in the air, she couldn't imagine how hard it was for her girlfriend. So, she had to get to what was left of 340 Brady and hope to the gods that Patchouli was still alive. Panicking wasn't going to get her anywhere.

The witch picked through the remains and eventually found the stairs leading down. This was probably going to be the only time anyone was thankful she was such a packrat. So, she grabbed a beaten pack, tossed a few things from the basement into it, and grabbed a bed sheet, paint, shoelaces and a wooden pole. Once back up, she grabbed a few things from the wreckage before yelling next door.]


[B. Trekking Across Mayfield (Saturday/Sunday)]

[With a pack slung over her shoulder and a bed sheet banner bearing a sigil on a wooden pole, Marisa appears to be on a mission. She's scraped up and there's a tear in the skirt of her dress, betraying dried blood on her leg and bringing attention to a bit of a limp. Determined though she is, she's not going to completely ignore any other living person she crosses paths with.]

[C. Saturday Night]

[It's dark, but someone is still traversing through the wreckage. With a dim, old flashlight in hand, and the bed sheet banner bearing a sigil on a wooden pole that she's -definitely- using for some support, Marisa continues to pick her way through the rubble.]

11th ☆

Nov. 20th, 2011 09:33 pm
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[A. Action - Downtown]

[Marisa has a bag of groceries in hand and the top thing in her bag is an open container of mushrooms. As she heads back to the residential areas, she munches on the mushrooms like they're candy.

And she's giggling.]

[B. Action - 340 Brady Lane]

[Marisa's bustling about the kitchen, looking oddly domestic with a frilly apron on and her hair pulled back, as she cooks. There's a couple containers of mushrooms set out, one opened and half eaten.]
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Damn UFOs are fast, ze. Like tengu-on-caffeine-overdose fast. How the hell am I gonna get the treasure if I can't catch 'em?

[Action - 5722 Cunningham Lane]

[After a while, Marisa decided that the only way she was going to get treasure from these UFOs was to find one of the aliens pretending to be someone and get it directly from them. Unfortunately, after failing to find any drone that was now an alien, she decided to talk to the one actual alien she knew that she liked.

Flying over to Feferi's hive house, she landed on the porch and let herself inside.]

Oi! Feferi!

Oi? What the shell kind of human greeting is that? [The tone of voice is different. Condescending, when she generally goes out of her way to be anything but.]
I suppose I'll indulge it this one time, Marisa.

It's my kinda greeting, ze. You'll get used to it. Everyone always does.

[Marisa doesn't think anything of the tone at first. A lot of people were on edge finding their friends had been replaced by doppelgangers. The witch didn't really care about that as all her important people were still themselves (as far as she knew), so the lack of treasure was much more on her mind than anything else.]

So, you're an alien. How do I find other ones?

I'm not everyguppy. I'm the - technically was, but that doesn't glubbing matter - heir to the throne back home. I don't have to get used to anyfin I don't feel like.

[This isn't 'on edge'. Feferi's acting completely opposite to how she normally would. Her normal answer? Call them up! Just ask for anybubbly from Alternia.]

Depends. Which caste are you looking for?

[Woah, woah, woah, Feferi is never like this. Is she one of them...? ANYWAYS, MIGHT AS WELL PUMP HER FOR INFORMATION BEFORE GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS.]

The ones with the money or cool stuff? Treasure, ze~

Oh. So you mean Eridan and Vriska, seeing as how those two combined once had all the levels and all the booty there was to get. Then just use the audio hook and call then? [Her stuff? Not that she has it, but she has the sick loot back home.]

I'll remember that. What about you, ze? [Marisa's grin's slowly growing...]

...none of it's here. The town hasn't even given me back my normal body.

Heh. Funny you say that, ze. Since I know you ain't the real Feferi. [Marisa grabs the fake troll by the shoulders and starts shaking her.] Gimme your treasure! Where is it?

I so am! Who the shell else would I be? And I already said it's not here! [Have one wriggling fake!troll not doing so well at getting away.]

Cough it up! [Marisa continues to shake pod!Feferi as if it'll actually produce results and will continue until SOMETHING happens.]


9th ☆

Oct. 11th, 2011 02:52 pm
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[Phone - an advertisement]

Homecoming's this weekend, right? So I'm gonna assume most of the girls have already gotten yourselves dates or are just going with friends. I figure you've all got dresses or have that pony making 'em. But what about the other stuff? The whole pretty package just ain't quite right without the finishing touches, ze.

"Now, Marisa, what the hell are you talking about?"

I'm talking about nails. Sure, the polish stuff in this place kinda sucks, but with the right skill, amazing things can still be done with it. I happen to have this skill; I can even do designs. So, the morning of Homecoming, I'll be available at my house - 1125 Taylor - to do your nails if you want. It's first-come, first-serve. I ain't doing appointments and it ain't free. Just bring either cash or booze in exchange. It'll totally be worth it, ze.

Also, when I say I'm not taking anyone else, I'm done. I got my own date to get ready for, you know, and she's more important than any of you.

[Action - 340 Brady (open to all residents - backdated to last Friday)]

[It occurred to Marisa, that she should actually ask Patchouli to Homecoming instead of just assuming she'd go along. Especially since the odds were Patchouli didn't want to go anywhere near a dance. But Marisa wanted to see her all dressed up and it'd be romantic and fun and... Hell, Marisa wanted to show her gorgeous girlfriend off.

So, she let herself into 340 Brady like always, set her broom against the wall and went to see if there were any cookies in the kitchen. She'd put together a plate of them and make some tea. Then she'd head on up to Patchy's room to ask her.]

8th ☆

Sep. 13th, 2011 11:01 am
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[Action - School]

[It's lunch time and Marisa has just managed to escape a gaggle of drone girls that had been intent on acquiring gossip about her 'boyfriend'. Once free, she finds herself a tree in the school yard to climb and enjoy her lunch in. So what if she's in a dress and if one stands at the right angle they might catch a glimpse of her panties? She's pretty sure her drone 'friends' won't find her in a tree.

Clearly she shouldn't be allowed to eat in peace, right?]


[One very annoyed witch picks up the phone after she gets home from school.]

Look. I don't care what anyone says, I'm not dating Guy 'Mustang'. You all probably know him as Guy of the Kutolah. And just because he calls me Lady Marisa and I'm at his house once or twice a week doesn't mean we're dating.

If I have to hear those damn girls ask me one more time about how 'hunky' he is, the Bowl-o-Rama, and if we're going up to Makeout Point anytime soon, I'm quite possibly going to set them all on fire. Besides, I'm already seeing someone that's not Guy.

So, if you hear anyone talking about that me-dating-Guy crap? Don't believe 'em.
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[Now this was an odd place to suddenly find oneself in. Alone.

Oh wait... there was some guy slumped in a chair next to her. She'd never seen him before and leaned close to get a look at him. Okay, so he was cute, but cute wasn't important right then. What was important was figuring out where the hell she was and then figuring out how she got there.

So she left the sleeping guy there and wandered deeper into the belly of the... Bowl-O-Rama? At least that's what the sign over the wood floor area said. Huh. The witch goes exploring and finds the doors are locked.

Huh. Might as well see if there's anything to steal aside from a bunch of ugly shoes, heavy balls and pencils.]

6th ☆

Aug. 20th, 2011 11:02 pm
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[1: Wednesday 8/17 - Action (340 Brady Lane)]

[After escaping Spades, Marisa ran to the first place she could think of where she would be safe, sneaked inside and hid. In a certain magician's room. Under her bed. At least until she calmed down. Sadly, she wasn't hidden quite as well as she thought she was...]

[2: Thursday 8/18 - Phone/Action (1125 Taylor Road)]

[There's a lot of fumbling with the receiver before Marisa finally gets a handle on it.] You know... Some of this milk isn't so bad... This one bottle's kinda like my shrooms. I wonder... I wonder if I'll get those back. Gods I miss them...

Like I miss watching the stars dance in the sky and the... the... trees. Y'know how profound trees are? Such deep rooted knowledge of life and death and the way of balance and the universe. I wonder what the trees would say here with as fucked up as this place is.

[She seems to be talking to someone else now, having dropped the receiver onto the table without hanging up.]

Hey, Patchy... let's go talk to the trees...

[3: Saturday 8/20 - Action (507 Ricardo Street)]

[Fashionable scarf tied around her neck to hide the still-healing bruises from when she'd been strangled earlier in the weel, Marisa decides to go visit Alice and Shiki. Misery loves company and they were all miserable.]

5th ☆

Aug. 13th, 2011 11:47 am
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[Action - POST OFFICE]

[After weeks of suffering, Marisa was finally going to give back the magic she stole from the Post Office. With Patchouli waiting outside, the weakened witch heads inside.

What a sight she is - pale with dark, dark circles under her eyes, her hair limp, eyes bloodshot and dull. Marisa had lost a lot of weight and it showed with the way her clothes hung loose on her body and there was old dried blood covering her left forearm. She moved slowly as if walking was a struggle, which it was at this point.

The witch was so miserable and she chose Patchouli over the magic. Now she just had to give it back.

When Marisa reached the counter, she used it to support herself, leaning heavily on it. She didn't look at the Postman yet, but at her hands to see if the counter would crack or break like everything else she'd been touching did.]

[ooc: This post is specifically for interaction with the Postman. PM me if you wish to have your character interfere.]

4th ☆

Jul. 24th, 2011 12:21 pm
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[Marisa's not exactly sounding like herself today. In fact, she sounds a little freaked out though her voice is quiet.]

Um... What, uh... What happens when... ah. What happens when drones, um.... die?

[1125 Taylor (action)]

[Anyone passing by 1125 Taylor might notice the front door is half open and there sun reflects off of something thick and red dripping slowly down it.

[OOC WARNING: Marisa is now suffering the Postman's Curse for breaking into the post office. Any characters coming to 1125 Taylor may be subjected to bodily injury should they have physical contact with Marisa. PM me for more details if needed.]

3rd ☆

Jul. 20th, 2011 11:57 pm
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[Action - afternoon POST OFFICE]

[Yes, Marisa had been told by a few people not to go to the post office. Never, ever go to the post office. BUT SHE HAD A PLAN!

Marisa was currently... invisible. Theo had been wonderful, casting the spell on her, and once confirmed, the witch and Rita headed for the post office. The plan was perfect. Rita would head inside, talk to the postman as a distraction, while Marisa used that time (and the open door the other girl provided her) to check out the back area.

It was a scouting mission, really. Marisa didn't have any intention of -taking- anything. So after a quick silence spell on herself (thanks to her recently restored lower magic), they set off to storm the castle. Only it wasn't a castle, but a post office, and less storming and more sneaking.

Yeah, that.]

2nd ☆

Jul. 16th, 2011 12:32 pm
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[Phone - Stage 2]

[There's a brief moment of silence where it sounds like someone is trying to talk but can't. And then there's a clearing of the throat.]

Well, I was going to try to talk about this in misdirections and stuff like that, but apparently I can't. Which sucks, cause now I've picked up the phone and might as well finish what I started.

Anyways... I don't really have a family. Yeah, I have parents back home - a father at least - but we don't get along. I haven't actually had a full conversation with my father in... years now? And I can't go fix things with him - too much water under the bridge and all, plus I think seeing me is just too painful for him. And I don't want to put him through it.

So I've lived on my own for years, watching family units of friends, allies and even nuisances and I get kinda jealous. Because I see something there that I want, but I can't ever have, 'cause I don't belong to anyone's family. I'm always on the outside looking in, pretending it doesn't bother me, pretending that I don't need stuff like that.

This place... it pisses me off so much if I think too much on it. It makes a mockery of all that with its false families and supposed ideal family values. It's like rubbing it in my face.

[a pause]

And just a friendly warning to those from my world: I will eventually get Master Spark back. Don't make me start a list, cause I've got paper out and ready.

1st ☆

Jul. 10th, 2011 11:07 am
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[Action in the Residential Neighborhoods - Very Early Morning]

[It's way, way too early in the morning for anyone to be knocking on your door - especially when that person happens to be a teenage girl that looks half-asleep. The sun's just peeking over the horizon and yet, here she is knocking on your door. Will you answer?]

[Phone - Afternoon]

The Outside World's weird.
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